Wattpad - Topic Based Onboarding

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A HackFriday Production

People Problem

  • The recommendations people were receiving were pretty poor because although they would input some preferences in the current on boarding via tapping actual story covers they found appealing, they wouldn't see anything reflected by those inputs until 24 hours later
  • If someone did a bunch of mistake clicks on books that don't interest them, or read books just to give them a chance but didn't really like them, this would influence their recommendations and show more of what they didn't like.
  • Once someone's feed was showing recommendations, there was no current way to update their preferences.

Opportunity / Concept

  • Instead of asking users to choose the story covers that appealed to them, have them choose topics they like.
  • Because these topics did not require our machine learning algorithms which usually took 24 hours to produce personalized recommendations, we were able to quickly show the user more relevant story suggestions immediately after their onboarding selections
  • The user now also had an easy and intuitive way to access and modify their recommendations using the same format in which they made their initial selections, reducing cognitive load and increasing efficiency

The Prototype