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Wattpad Profile Redesign: Enhancing Content Discovery, Responsiveness, and Curation


Where We Started

Original Profile - Typical User


Original Profile - Extreme Curator User


  • The current profile was not responsive, so it was an inconsistent experience across devices which could lead to user confusion, less discovery

  • The current profile showed reading lists in an obscure position and size on the page, making them seem less important which was not optimal for discovery

  • The current profile showed the feed prominently which was not usually focused on discovery, but for social interaction

  • The current profile needed to be hacked by our own content team to better feature reading lists



  • We used the research gathered in Project Constellation Phase 1 to inform our design decisions

  • Conducted audit of the existing profile on different platforms: iOS, Android, Responsive Web

  • Conducted audit of the existing profile's different use cases: Creator, Audience, Curator, Ambassador, Silent Reader, Logged In, Logged Out, Following, Not Following

  • Identified ways the profile could be improved to better address all of the use cases on all platforms, while fitting into the new modular framework started in Phase 1

  • Took into consideration scope and technical feasibility, did concepts that fell on different parts of the feasibility scale.



  • Increasing content Discovery was the focus because Data had identified Discovery = Growth, and Growth was our company's current goal

  • Thought first view of profile should then be about Content - meaning move the feed to a separate tab.

  • By keeping only content on first view of profile, we assumed it would lead to more discover of content which we later verified


Prototype A - Early Concept for Typical User

I intentionally start out with concepts that may be considered too big of a change from the status quo. Too much of a departure from what constraints would usually dictate. The reason is that if you think too close to the constraints, you may miss some great ideas. So I do consider the constraints, but then try to think beyond them, knowing that I can always scale it back. If the team and users really respond to these concepts, we can figure out a way to phase these ideas in. 

Of the first round of concepts, this was my favourite because:

  • It was modular: A flexible system that could scale and grow over time

  • It was customizable: Because the user could dictate the

Prototype B - Later Concept for Extreme Curator Profile

Prototype C - Close to Production Design with Scroll Transition



Prototype D - New Profile on Mobile Web