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Wattpad: From Master Framework to Future Vision

A future vision of how the Wattpad web platform could be when fully responsive and with a native-app feel.

wp future vision.jpg

The Dream

From the time I joined Wattpad, my dream was to push the web product to look, feel and perform like a native app. Not only because it felt like the right thing to do in terms of keeping up with the design community, but because I knew it would dramatically improve the user experience for every person that came in contact with us. And with a better user experience, it would bring greater results for Wattpad as a whole. When I was assigned Project Constellation as well as responsibility for improving overall usability for the Web product, I saw it as my opportunity to integrate these improvements with the project's objectives.


The Foundation

With Phase 1 of Project Constellation I had a chance to take a deep dive evaluation of the overall system. Although the scope of Phase 1 was updating the Home section of the web, and despite the fact that it could take months before we got to any of the other sections, I went ahead and planned all of the major interaction patterns that would be needed if we were going to have a cohesive web ux that felt like a native app. 


Fast Forward: Future Vision

Fast forward several months and Phases later, and we had successfully rolled out these interaction patterns and master grid that I had explored from the beginning. In the last Hack Friday before I left Wattpad, I updated the vision for Wattpad Web in this prototype below. I am happy and proud to say that the Wattpad team has pushed the dial forward and have made great strides to making the Web ux much more responsive and intuitive!