Triggerfox: Powerful Personal CRM

"Dunbar's number (150) is a suggested cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships. These are relationships in which an individual knows who each person is and how each person relates to every other person."


For one to be successful, it is critical to build and maintain quality relationships with a growing number of key people, all of whom are unique individuals. With Dunbar's number of limiting most people to 150 stable relationships, how are people meant to stay on top of relationships in a new world, where average personal networks span from 400+ into the thousands, especially among the ambitious professional class?

It became apparent that professionals of varying degrees could benefit greatly from a personal CRM service that helped them surpass their meagre human cognitive limits, and go well beyond Dunbar. 

This became the vision of Triggerfox: To become the ultimate personal CRM, that helped you develop and maintain quality relationships with all of the most important contacts in your life, helping you to achieve personal and inter-personal success.


  • Assess the existing progress & assets
  • Assess business objectives & goals
  • Interview current stakeholders
  • Interview and research target users, beta users
  • Understand user needs, current behaviours
  • Competitive analysis


We wanted to become the ultimate CRM app. We eventually defined that as:

  • Unified Contacts: Centralize all of the info on your contacts from as many sources as possible
    • Native contacts
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Linkedin
    • Google
    • Outlook
    • Calendar
    • Dropbox
    • Salesforce
    • FullContact to fill in missing info
    • Arrange contacts into meaningful groups
    • Scan business cards to import new contacts quickly
  • Robust Actions: Be able to execute nearly any communication method through our app so you can take powerful, timely action
    • Message via any connected network or email
    • Comment natively via any connected network
    • Schedule meetings
    • Create follow up tasks
    • Send hand-written cards
    • Send suggested gifts
    • Make introductions between contacts
    • Share and reshare content from your network
    • Share files from native storage or cloud services
    • Call, email, text
  • Surface Quality Signals: Filter out the noise and only show the most important updates
  • Smart Suggestions: Recommend actions based on signals for most meaningful connection with your contacts


  • User Story Mapping: Brainstormed user experience elements, establishing narrative flow
  • Wireframed screens
  • Prototype
  • User Research
  • Usability Testing
  • Beta Testing
  • Feedback & Iteration
  • Specs to Dev
  • QA
  • Feedback & Iteration
  • Pivots in functionality & responses to client feature requests

Wireframes - Mid 2012

Version 1.0 - Mid 2013

Version 2.0 - Late 2013

Version 3.0 - Mid 2014


Business Developments & Acquisition