Project Constellation: Scaling Growth Through Revolutionized Content Discovery


  • Business Need: Scale Wattpad growth by making it easier for users to discover quality content, thus increasing retention (synonymous with growth)
  • Readers have problems finding quality stories and writers have problems reaching their potential audiences.
  • Our current fixed list of 22 categories are too limiting and preventing emerging categories and trends from taking off. 
  • Human curation is still much better than algorithmic suggestions, but we cannot scale human curation with Wattpad staff alone.
  • Success would be measured by overall reading time


  • Dramatically increase quality story discovery through multiple parts of the product
  • Implement a new, modular, algorithm-based Home that can provide endless and ever-improving recommendations
  • Evolve the Profile into a "Hub" where it can serve as both an individual's profile, or as a destination where related content is curated
  • Implement the curated "Hubs" and profiles into Tag pages
  • Eventually, potentially merge Category pages with Tag pages so that new trending categorization can emerge / scale curation


  • Conducted cross-company User Story Mapping exercise to think through the ideal paths in which a user would discover quality content to read

Plan Outcome

  • Phase 1 - A new modular home that would provide fresh, personalized recommendations daily
  • Phase 2 - Evolve profile for increase content discovery
  • Phase 3 - Improve the Reading List experience to highlight the curator (Hubs)
  • Phase 4 - Improve the Tag Page experience to include curators (Hubs)

General Process for Each Phase

  1. Conduct an audit of the existing product section and identify problems
  2. Conduct user testing and interviews to identify key problems
  3. Review data relevant to problem
  4. Analyze all of the content and meta data the new section would have to support
  5. Brainstorm, whiteboard & sketch the ideal ux
  6. Wireframe & Prototype potential solutions / modules
  7. Review, get cross-company stakeholder feedback, make revisions
  8. User testing to validate the new solutions
  9. Prep specs for Dev
  10. Q&A / Design Review / Rollout