Dual Track Agile

What is it?

It's an organizational structure that separates the effort to DISCOVER user needs and discover the best solutions from the effort to DELIVER working software.

Why is it great?

  • Build the right product: Solves the right user and business problems
  • Results Focused: Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) keeps the focus on results, not features
  • Shared Outcomes: Shared OKRs across the company results in high cross-functional collaboration 
  • Cross-functional Perspectives: Different perspectives fills in the gaps and improves overall quality of ideas
  • Squad Autonomy: Those closest to the problem solve it
  • Discovery: Validate with real users before launch
  • Speed: Test more ideas faster

How does it work?

DISCOVERY TRACK - Product Manager, Dev Architect, UX Lead, and various stakeholders from across departments, identify and prioritize user problems and needs. Usually quarterly, but sometimes more often, conduct a group brainstorm to collect problems, needs, and opportunities. This fills a Triage bucket, which we then sort into Icebox, Backlog, and Selected for Discovery. More ideas are added as learnings occur during the quarter.

  1. Identify & prioritize user and business problems and needs (Idea Triage, Idea Icebox, Idea Backlog)
  2. Selected for Discovery
  3. Problem Validation (Data, Surveys, Interviews)
  4. Ideation (Lightning Demos, Sketching, Crazy 8's)
  5. Prototyping (Interactive, Light Dev/No Design Needed, Optimizely)
  6. Idea Validation (User Testing, Interviews, Heat Map, A/B, Data)
  7. Selected for Delivery (Development)

DELIVERY TRACK - Delivery Track takes artifacts from Discovery Track and turns them into working software. Because these ideas have been highly scrutinized and validated, they can proceed with a high degree of confidence that what they’re working on will make a meaningful impact.

  1. Prioritize what is to be delivered first (Triage, Icebox, Backlog)
  2. Selected for Dev
  3. Paused / Blocked
  4. In Progress
  5. In Review
  6. Delivered / Resolved